The Living Room

Meeting Schedule

Sunday Night: 7:45 - 11:00

Meeting at 8:30 - 

Back To Basics - This meeting is a great introduction to recovery.  Speakers share some of their experience coming into recovery and then choose as a topic one thing which was critical to them in early recovery.  This allows new members to learn, and those with established recovery to be reminded of the some of the key skills which ensure successful recovery.  New members are then invited to share followed by more established members.


Thursday Night: 7:45 - 11:00

Meeting: 8:45

Chulent Anonymous

Named after the classic Jewish dish Chulent, this recovery meeting is designed to allow many members to share on their week and experience in recovery in general. Chulent is a dish which includes a wide range of ingredients which combined create a vibrant flavor.  This is the message of the group, providing the TLR young recovery community with the opportunity to learn from a diversity of experience and message.  The group closes with the opportunity for each member to share, and the community to celebrate, the “day counts” first of new members then also long-term members.